Brielle Mabrey

Hi,I'm Brielle

Now, I could tell you that I’ve been fortunate to experience success in corporate America and as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. Or I can share that l serve as a finance and business coach. I could go even further and tell you I am a wife and mother of 2 who believes in working hard and playing harder.


But, what I really want you to know is... I Am You.


I know what it feels like to struggle with getting your finances under control. I know the feeling of believing you will never get ahead. For far too long, that was my reality.


That was until I took the initiative to learn all I can, take every step that I needed to take, and most importantly, changed my mindset to believe that not only could I control my finances; I could also establish enduring wealth.


All that I have learned and experienced, coupled with my love for my community, has led me to the place of financial peace for my family and a passion for sharing all that I know with others. Now, I want to see you experience intergenerational financial success as well!


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Finally, a book that breaks finances all the way down!


In #7FigureNetWorth | Modern Wealth Blueprint for Black Americans, I speak to the root of many of the financial issues, challenges and opportunities that face today’s Black American Millennials.


With an engaging relatable narrative and worksheets that get-all-up-in your financial business, this book is designed specifically for you to take action. Action that can immediately impact your finances and set you and future generations up for financial wealth.


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I can’t wait to watch your money stack up and see what you achieve!


This is NOT your average boring book on finances. 7- Figure net worth is the book you need but you don’t even know it. It was so insightful and compelling I read it all in one sitting. You can tell the author has a calling and a passion to help others obtain wealth and break the chains of debt. It is as if your BFF came over and you cozied up on the couch with a cup of coffee and had a real conversation about your financial life. Like she is speaking directly to you and your situation as if she has known you for years."

- April C.

"REQUIRED reading for everyone period.

"This book was phenomenal!!!

I was intrigued from the introduction and throughout the book there were a lot of "me too," moments. I believe every house should have a copy of this powerful book. I loved the worksheets at the end of the chapters which challenged me to dig deep into my financial profile. There were great examples used, which made the words on the book come to life. This book was such a blessing and really challenged me to take my finances to the next level."

- Kanitra F.