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Through God’s guidance, encouragement, and revelation, Brielle heard the call. 


After fighting, overcoming and finally owning her financial challenges, it was time to help others. Though she had her Jonah moment and ran in the other direction, she couldn’t hide from what she was now called to do. Be transparent about her own journey and deliver a blueprint specifically designed to help Black Americans experience financial freedom for themselves and future generations.


Brielle believes that with prayer, diligence, and persistence, the challenges and obstacles Black Americans face can be overcome and turned into opportunities. Opportunities for empowerment and financial peace. 


Her own journey to financial peace is one she feels that with the right plan and education, can be duplicated over and over. What does that peace look like?


Eliminating over $120k in student loans.

Maxing out annual retirement contributions. 

Self-funding and investing in multiple businesses


Achieving these goals doesn’t make Brielle any more special than you. It means that this is possible for you too. And for those willing to see this as a real possibility and willing to put in the work, Brielle is making it her life’s mission to help you get there too. 


Through her private coaching, speaking engagements, and her upcoming book, #7FigureNetWorth | Modern Wealth Blueprint for Black Americans, Brielle has begun her journey to helping you see that your current financial situation doesn’t have to define you for a lifetime. 


Regardless of your upbringing. 

Regardless of what you inherited or didn’t inherit. 

Regardless if no one ever taught you anything more than what a checking and savings account is. 


No matter who you are, it is possible to break free of your stagnant financial mindset. Even more important than knowing it is possible for you, Brielle wants you to know that you owe it to yourself, your family and the generations that will come after you. 


No time is better than the present, and no guidance is better than Brielle. Bring her along as you start your journey to financial freedom and experience peace as you move towards a #7FigureNetWorth. You deserve it.


Brielle Mabrey